My new book idea

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
I've had a reoccurring dream for a long time now and I just sat down and wrote out a summary of the dream. I'm curious what people think of this an if it would be something that interests you? Please leave me feedback. Names have not been decided yet. Any suggestions are helpful.

The life she grew up knowing change one day when she lost her mother in a horrific accident. Her family's bull rammed his horns into her mother's heart. Her father made the decision to sell the bull. Later he decides that wasn't enough and decides to get rid of the milking cows as well.

She fights her father and tries to overthrow him. It was her mother's farm and her father has no say in if the cows can leave or not. She makes the decision of kicking her father out. Her grandparents help her with the chores around the farm and hire some hired hands. But when a barn fire down the road ruins the horse stable, she must reopen her mother's horse stable and a past her grandparents wanted to forget when their other daughter died in an accident when he was returning a horse to its owner.

Will her family be able to overcome their pasts or will the grandparents move away and abandon their oldest granddaughter?

Takes place in Vermont on great grandparents farm.


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