Finding Sam Teaser 1- Taylor Lavati

Saturday, May 9, 2015
Taylor Lavati's novel Finding Sam
Teaser 1

When we get outside, I light up and lean against the fencing that’s falling apart. I guess I have to add that to my list next. Izzy stands close to me, my smoke blowing across her face in the cool breeze. 

“Sorry, I’ll move over.”
“No, don’t. I like the smell.” She shuts her eyes and pulls in a breath. 

“Do you smoke?” I ask as I take another drag.

“I used to. Not anymore. I just eat a shit ton of food to make up for the urges.” She giggles and breathes in the second hand smoke. She walks back to the house and leans against the stairwell. 

She looks over at me with questions in her wide eyes. “You’re going to make me answer even though it makes me uncomfortable? That’s not very nice.”

“Nobody said I was nice. Welcoming, bubbly, annoyingly talkative, sure. Nice--no.” She winks at me. My stomach flips. “Get to your two truths and a lie. Come on.” She whines and the tone her voice takes on reminds me instantly of Nat. I push the thought into the depths of my stomach and pretend the de ja vu never happened.

“My favorite place is a lake; I hate spaghetti; I destroy everything I touch.”


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