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Monday, May 11, 2015

Fallen Too Far 
Abbi Glines

Read Fallen Too Far before this.

This book was a 4-star read for me. Not because it was boring or anything like that, but because the pace in the beginning was slow. But it still took me less than a day to read and I loved it.

Blaire is living back home, but she can't seem to get Rush off her mind. It doesn't help that she has something of his that she doesn't want to get rid of. Torn between following her heart or her instincts she needs to decide whether to go back to Rush and tell him, or stay in Alabama and forget about the one who stole her heart and changed her life forever. 

Rush broke Blaire's heart when she heard him reveal a secret he hould have told her from the beginning. When she fled to Alabama his heart broke. Now he has to fix his broken heart even though he doesn't want anyone else but Blaire and stays faithful even though she left him.

This book started out a little slow, but worked its way up to be just as exciting as the first book in the series. Blaire never fails to amaze me. Even after losing her mom an sister, she is a strong young woman who is responsible yet heart broken. She manages on her own even when her world crumbles around her. 

There isn't many plot twists in this one, but one of them actually amazed me at how well it was written. But it was played off a bit too abruptly. 

Other than this, this book was an excellent read for me. Took me less than a day and I didn't wanna put the book down. 

Recommended if you like a good New Adult Romance.


Suzi Q, The Book Dame said...

This is one of many that I have in my Kindle to read. I like several of the new adult books that I have read, so I really should give this a try.
Suzi Q., The Book Dame

Katlynn Wolfe said...

I loved this book as much as I did the first. I am going to be reading the third one after I finish up my two blog tour reviews.

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