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Across The Miles Tour

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This is my stop during the blog tour for Miles Apart by Rhonda L. James. This blog tour is organized by Lola's Blog Tours. The blog tour runs from 1 till 21 August, you can view the complete tour schedule on the website of Lola’s Blog Tours.

So far this series contains 2 books: Across the Miles (The Not So Bad Boys of Rock #1) and Miles Apart (The Not So Bad Boys of Rock #2)

Miles ApartMiles Apart (The Not So Bad Boys of Rock #2)

By Rhonda L. James

Genre: Romance

Age category: New Adult

Release Date: May 31, 2015


From the author of Across the Miles, comes the sequel to the love story of Sebastian and Brooke. Go back to the days after Brooke left for London, and find out what happened to place Sebastian in that hotel room with nothing but memories and a bottle of whiskey.

What happens to America's favorite rock star when his picture perfect life falls apart? Again…

Sebastian and Brooke had a fairy tale romance, until one choice tore them apart. Brooke's decision to move away and run Max Wolf's struggling restaurant, Lardon's, stands in the way of Sebastian's plan to propose on the night of his birthday. They have a fight and he takes off, leaving her to board a plane to London without saying goodbye. While there, she meets Reid, a handsome chef who just happens to live in the same building she now calls home. Their newfound friendship, and Reid's attraction to her, only adds to the strain on her already fragile relationship with Sebastian.

Then, one out of control night changes everything as they know it, and their relationship is put to the test. Now, do they fight for what they love? Or choose to walk away? Will facing your demons destroy you? Or make you stronger? Surely, a love that was meant to be can face any obstacle.

A force too strong to ignore. A need so deep it aches. Undying love.

A heart may be broken, but it keeps on beating. And never gives up.

You can find Miles Apart on Goodreads

You can buy Miles Apart here:

- Amazon

- Signed copy

You can watch the trailer for Miles Apart on Youtube

First book in the series:

Across the MilesAcross the Miles (The Not So Bad Boys of Rock #1)

By Rhonda L. James

Genre: Romance

Age category: New Adult

Release Date: February 28, 2015


Sebastian Miles was twenty-three years old and living a charmed life. Loving family, beautiful girlfriend, and lead singer of the rock band, Paradox. Their debut album shot to number one on the charts, and they had just come off a worldwide tour, performing in venues filled to capacity. Then, one night, a tragedy rocked his world in a whole new way, turning him into someone he no longer recognized. Now, two years later, and on the other side of his own private hell, he learns to stop taking everything and everyone for granted. Yet, he is still alone. Then, one day he meets her, and suddenly, his darkened world is once again filled with hope.

Brooke Caldwell is a twenty-four-year-old prodigy in the culinary world. After a lifetime filled with heartache, she decides to pursue the opportunity of a lifetime by interviewing for a world famous chef in Los Angeles. While visiting the city, she is reminded how cold and calculated the world can be. Until she meets him, and he shows her a world filled with the love and support that she never knew growing up.

Two wounded souls. Two hearts that continue to beat, in spite of all the damage that has been done. What happens when their damaged hearts collide? And, could they possibly be the half that finally makes the other whole?


Brooke POV Excerpt 1:

“Mind if I join you?” came a deep voice, sounding a little out of breath and 

dangerously close. I turned and gasped, immediately drawn to the sapphire blue 

eyes staring back at me. Butterflies instantly began fluttering around in my empty 

stomach. My gaze flitted over his face, and I couldn’t help but linger over the pair of 

perfectly shaped lips that turned up into a slight grin when I didn’t stop staring. Two 

small silver studs winked at me from the lower right side of his mouth. They were 

called viper bites. I only knew this because one of the young guys that worked 

kitchen prep at my restaurant had the same piercing. On him, it looked slightly weird. 

On this guy, it was unbelievably hot. He looked vaguely familiar, though I couldn’t 

quite put my finger on where I had seen him. Perhaps he was one of the many 

famous people that adorned this city, or maybe he just resembled one of them. Either 

way, he was breathtaking, and for a brief moment, I completely forgot what had led 

me to sit on this bench in the first place.

Guest Post

Rhonda James Blog Tour

"For the guest post, I would like the author to write about how she 

comes up with what she wants to write about."

That's an excellent question! I'm not sure how it is for other authors, 

but for me there is always an idea popping into my head. It could be 

brought on my a good night's sleep, a song I heard on the radio, or a 

cute guy I saw working on the road crew while driving to work. 

Usually there will be a bit of dialogue that just comes out of nowhere, 

maybe while I am in the shower and don't have access to a pen and 

paper, and from there I will expand it and before I know it I have a 

new story idea. I'm really bad about not getting them all in my journal 

so I'm sure I've lost a few really great ideas over the past year. Those 

ideas are the ones I like to think moved along to another author and 

they were able to grab it and turn it into a bestseller.

At this moment I have several stories on the back burner. I just 

finished up an adult romance and I am currently working on the next 

book in my Not So Bad Boys of Rock series. My goal is to have both 

of these books available this fall.

You can find Across the Miles on Goodreads

You can buy Across the Miles here:

- Amazon

- Signed copy

You can watch the trailer for Across the Miles on Youtube

Author RhondaAbout the Author:

Rhonda loves writing, and reading, books. When not working at her office job, you will find her writing, reading, or cooking. She lives in Michigan with her husband of twenty-two years, and their two grown children. She loves talking online with fellow Indie Authors, and learning tips and tricks for reaching her readers. Her guilty pastime is playing on Pinterest, and she welcomes you to follow her boards.

You can find and contact Rhonda here:

- Website

- Facebook

- Twitter

- Goodreads

- Amazon

- Pinterest

There is a tour wide giveaway for the blog tour of Miles Apart. These are the prizes you can win:

- a $10 Amazon gift card

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