Monday, April 27, 2015

Bella Johnson

I first read this on wattpad and loved it. Now that I have had the chance to read it on published format, I loved it even more. Some has changed from the wattpad version, but not much. I'm head over heels for her Heart of Hunters series, and this series is also one of her series that I love. 

Chloe Pryce is moved from sunny California to Alaska to live with her father. Chloe meets the finest boy she has ever seen, Grayson Holtz. But, Polar Alaska is anything but normal. There is a secret in the town, that only the people involved know about. She gets caught up in all the drama and finds out about the secret as well. 

Chloe is a strong character who deals with a lot in this story. She is strong from the beginning and grows as the story progresses. The ending was absolutely amazing. It really pulled my heart strings when her father was the last to learn she was alive. This book is one of my top ten books because of the writing and the author. 

Bella Johnson is who inspired me to become a writer.
Recommended for anyone who loves a good shifter romance. Warning there is a couple sex scenes.


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