Thursday, January 8, 2015

Maggie Stiefvater

Book 1 of the Shiver series.
Shiver is not like any werewolf book I've ever read before. After being bitten, a werewolf changes with the seasons. In the cold seasons the person is a werewolf, then when it's warm the werewolf turns back to its human form. The downfall is this cycle doesn't last forever. It takes more heat for the wolf to return to human form until finally the wolf form takes over and can't return to human form.

Grace and Sam have known each other for years, but never exactly met. Grace was attacked by wolves as a child. Before she was about to become lunch for the pack, a wolf intervened and saved her. She watches for her wolf every winter. In the summer a golden eyed boy, Sam, watches Grace from afar, too afraid to approach her. They come together when a local boy gets murdered and the men of the town take it upon themselves to rid the town of the wolf problem. 

Sam's last year as a human is fast approaching and Grace doesn't want to lose him. She vows to find a way to save him from the wolf he really is. 

This book stuck with me long after I read it. The mythology is not something that I've heard been written before. The themes in this story really stuck with me and they are still with me after the second time I've read it. 

I recommend this for any young adult who loves reading new books. It's an enjoyable read and is a truly amazing book.